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Our Administrative Staff

Ms. Danielle Adornetto, M.S.

Executive Educational Director

"I have had the pleasure of being a member of the Belmont Community Day Care Center’s staff since 1998. During those years I have worked in several capacities and have serviced many families.  My educational career consist of a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, a minor in English, I have a masters degree in Early- Childhood Education, Special Education, and Education Administration as a School Building Leader.


I believe that we are all Life Long Learners and it is important to continue to educate ourselves throughout life.  

For a number of years I was a classroom teacher who worked with both Kindergarten and Pre-K Children.  For the Past 10 years, I have fulfilled the role of an administrator in one capacity or another and the experience has been a learning one.


Early-childhood education is the foundation of a child’s career in school, it is important to me that our program creates a nurturing educational environment that supports a positive experience for all the children and families we services through a assortment of educational techniques, hands on experiences and a variety of life lessons.


I have had the enjoyment of watching Belmont transform into a community based organization that promotes education and supports the families of our community in a variety of ways.  I have had the pleasure to teach generations of children, who return to Belmont with their children, return to volunteer, return to work or just return to visit.  I look forward to the years to come and the new changes and challenges we will face together."


Johannah Adornetto

Financial Administrator

"I have been involved with Belmont Community Daycare for most of my lifetime. I worked in 1974/75 at age 17 as a voluntary teacher’s assistant in Playroom 2. In 1987 I was asked to join the Board of Directors as a parent member since my daughter Jennifer was attending Belmont in Playroom 3. From 1988 through 1998 I sat as a regular member on Belmont Board and I was very proud to be part of an organization that cared for so many children and families over the years.  However, I have never been prouder of Belmont than I am today. It is a caring nurturing environment for so many children and families but that it has been for 50 years, now greater than that is the fact that Belmont is now an educational institution that has opened its eyes, ears and arms to cultivating our very young.


I have been working as the financial person here at Belmont for the past 20 years. The current Board of Directors has given me the important role of caring for the development, organization, and calculations, of the financial budgets. My job is to optimize the use of our city funding, always enabling our children to obtain  the majority  of the benefits  from what we receive and what we are able to enhance through fund raising on our own and together with our family base. I am honored to be in this position that enables me each and every day to be on the receiving end of all those beautiful smiles. "


Jennifer Colello, M.A.

Assistant Educational Director

Ms. Jennifer Colello started her educational career as a student at Belmont Community Daycare in 1987, attending their preschool program until she left to attend Kindergarten at Public School 205. She attended Public Schools throughout her education to obtain specialized services in Speech which later encouraged her to go for a Bachelor Degree of Science in Speech Pathology/Audiology with a minor in Early Childhood Education at Lehman College from September 2002 to May 2006.


Throughout her degree she observed in a variety of settings, such as Burke Rehabilitation in White Plains, New York, The Institute for Special Education in Bronx, New York along with Belmont Community Daycare Center. She started at Belmont as a substitute and then as a part time teaching assistant while obtaining her Bachelor degree from May 2003 to August 2007. Once graduated, she was hired as a Group Teacher, in October 2007. She returned to Lehman in the Spring of 2008, to attend their Dual Certification program in Special Education/General Education in Early Childhood, she graduated with a Master’s of Science in June 2011.


She has also obtained her Administration certification in Early Childhood from CUNY School of Professional Studies from 2015-2017.  


She obtained her New York State Professional Certification in Students with Disabilities (Birth to 2nd grade) and her Professional Certification in General Education in September 2012.  In September 2018, she was asked to be a full time assistant to the director which is a position she currently holds. 

"Watching The tranformation of a child through the year is an amazing experience and I have had the joy for the past 15 years." 

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