Meet Our Staff

Below you will find a gallery of our dedicated staff. 

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Ms. Ashley Gonzalez

Ms. Crisol Tlatelpa

Ms. Ashley has been teaching at Belmont for the last five years. Before Belmont she had volunteered at several different organizations working with a wide array of age groups. Ms. Ashley is currently attending Lehman College's Early Childhood Education Program. Ms. Ashley is the middle child in her family. She spends her time volunteering at hospitals and she loves to paint. When asked why she loves teaching she stated that she enjoys seeing the children progress throughout the year. She also says that "My first grade teacher, Ms. Olsen, inspired me."

This is Ms. Crisol's second year working at Belmont Community Day Care Center. Before working at Belmont Ms. Crisol worked for two years at the New York Center for Infants and Toddlers. She is currently attending the Minor to Masters Program at Lehman College. When not at Belmont Ms. Crisol enjoys spending time with her cat Minina and drawing. When asked why she loves to teach Ms. Crisol says "I love working with Younger Children and interacting with them."


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Ms. Elizabeth DiCarlo

Ms. Liz has been working at Belmont for 3 years. She graduated with a CDA from the School of Professional Studies. Spanish is Ms. Liz's first language, she learned how to speak English while in school. She is a loving mother of three. In her spare time Ms. Liz loves to take pictures and to read, especially mysteries and early childhood books. When asked what inspired her to be a teacher Ms. Liz said, "I wanted to be a teacher since I was five years old and have always had a great relationship with children. Early childhood is important to build the foundation of a child."


Mr. Nicholas DOran

Ms. Luz De La Cruz

Ms. Jaileen Ostrova

Mr. Nicholas has been working at Belmont for a number of years. He originally went to Hunter College to study Psychology but then decided to change his career path to study the Culinary Arts, for which he graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2011. Before coming to Belmont all of his experience was in the restaurant setting. When asked why he likes working in the childcare setting he said, "Working in the Childcare setting makes it more appreciated and important. Knowing that many of the meals I am making are providing a meal to each child every day."

Ms. Luz has worked at Belmont since 2013. She studied at La Milagrasa in Santo Domingo. Luz discovered Belmont when her son first attended here. When asked why she loves working at Belmont she said, "I've always been surrounded by kids and I enjoy their curiosity and I love helping them because kids need love and comprehension. At Belmont, I found a family and we are always helping each other. There is nothing better than working at a job where everybody loves and truly supports each other."

Ms. Jaileen has been at Belmont for two years. She attened Herbert H. Lehman High School and the school of Cooperative Technical Education. Ms. Jaileen enjoys participating in and watching sports as well as spending time with kids and family. When asked what she likes about working at Belmont she said, "I always loved kids and I've taken care of my cousins, so after getting experience at other jobs, I got the opportunity to work here, and fell in love with it. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new about the kids. They always make my day, it doesn't feel like a job."


Ms. Marcela Bravo

Mr. John Cruz

Ms. Marlen Lara


Ms. Marcela has been been working at Belmont for the past 11 years. She studied in Mexico. Ms. Marcela is a mother and enjoys cooking when she is not working. When asked about how she likes working here she stated, "My job is probably not working with kids directly but I enjoy seeing that everything is in order for the convenience. This goes for the animals that we have at the daycare as well."

Mr. John has been working at Belmont for over four years. He graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Youngstown State University. Before working at Belmont John worked as a counselor then In-Post Director at Camp Asbury from 2009-2016. Working with kids ages five to eighteen and supervising a staff of over 30 employees, as well as specializing in work with kids with behavioral issues. He also was a nanny for two children for two years before coming to Belmont. Mr. John got a job at Belmont the week after he moved to NYC in hopes of pursuing an acting career. When John isn't at Belmont he is often working on side projects or shows as an actor or creator. He also enjoys singing, writing short stories and plays, building puzzles as well as other creative ventures. "When I first moved to New York City I spent my first week going from job interview to job interview. I ended up interviewing for four different daycares, and was offered a job at all of them. I chose Belmont because it was the only one where I really felt invited and welcomed right away. And I'm still here now, and that's partially because I still feel that way when I come to work everyday and see the kids."

Ms. Marlen is in the midst of her first year working at Belmont. She graduated from High School in 2011 and began tutoring children of various ages, always favoring Pre-K kids and the Kindergarteners. After getting married in 2018 she moved to the Bronx and got a job at a center as an aide helping children with autism. Ms. Marlen is always looking for creative projects to do, favoring drawing and painting. When asked about working at Belmont she said, "I had the opportunity to work at Belmont Community Day Care Center where each day is filled with an opportunity for growth and learning new things. I enjoy what I do and always look forward to work and seeing such beautiful smiles. The children always make my day."


Ms. Tiana Salvatto

Ms. Tiana has been working at Belmont for just over a year now. She recently graduated from college with a BA, and is currently working to pursue her Master's Degree. Ms. Tiana was first introduced to Belmont when interning here to finish her degree, and it was then discovered her love of working with children. "They are so curious and inquisitive and full of unique personalities and energy". When not working her hobbies include dancing and anything artistic. When asked about working at Belmont Ms. Tiana says, "I am blessed to work in such a diverse environment, with employees and children of all races and cultures, and we are constantly learning, teaching and growing together."


Ms. Juliana D'Aliso

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Ms. Wendy Anderson

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Ms. Nancy Reyes

"My name is Ms. Nancy, and this is my first year working at Belmont Community Center. I am bilingual (English/Spanish) as my parents are from Puerto Rico and I grew up speaking Spanish in the home.   I graduated from City College with a Master’s in Early Childhood Education and became a certified teacher.   I have worked in the past with the Department of Education as a substitute and as a third-grade teacher.  I have also worked in a Head Start center for three-year and four-year-old.  I have been happily married for the past 13 years and enjoy spending time with our adult son and our grandchildren. I currently reside in the Bronx.  My husband and I are also foster parents where we have cared for children and youth with special needs that have experienced trauma in their life.   I enjoy reading autobiographical books, children’s books, traveling, and dancing.  I am looking forward to working at Belmont Community Day Care Center to learn and grow with the children as each day is an opportunity to learn something new together.  Seeing children happy always makes my day."

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Ms. TRoi Dixon

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Mr. Anthony Adornetto


Ms. Frances Santiago

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Ms. Emily Bernardez

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Mr. Keaun Davis

Mr. Andy Camacho

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Mr. Andy has worked as a custodian for over twenty years. In that time he has worked with many educators and children. Mr. Andy ranks working with special needs children and adults as one of his biggest achievements as well as raising children of his own. Mr. Andy enjoys working in a family environment. He also loves being a grandpa, going to the beach and animals, especially dogs. 

Ms. Leonidas Rodriguez


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Ms. Leonidas has recently become part of Belmont Daycare Center.  She has a minor in Early Childhood education and she recently graduated from Lehman College with a BA in Psychology. While she was in college, she did an internship with a school in the Bronx. Ms. Leonidas heard about the out job opportunity from a friend, Where she reached us immediately and has now has taken the opportunity to be part of our staff in Belmont Community Day Care Center. She enjoys working with kids, this is an opportunity for her to show how much she loves to teach children. In this short time she has been here working she says it feels like a home, because we work together as a family. Ms. Leonidas’s thoughts on education fall within the lines of “Working to raise our children to be tomorrow’s future doctors, educators and leaders!”