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Meet Our Staff

Below you will find a gallery of our dedicated staff. 

ms ashley.jpg

Ms. Ashley Gonzalez
UPK 130

Ms. Crisol Tlatelpa
UPK 131


Ms. Tiana Salvatto
Playroom 2 

Ms. Ashley has been teaching at Belmont for the last five years. Before Belmont she had volunteered at several different organizations working with a wide array of age groups. Ms. Ashley is currently attending Lehman College's Early Childhood Education Program. Ms. Ashley is the middle child in her family. She spends her time volunteering at hospitals and she loves to paint. When asked why she loves teaching she stated that she enjoys seeing the children progress throughout the year. She also says that "My first grade teacher, Ms. Olsen, inspired me."

This is Ms. Crisol's second year working at Belmont Community Day Care Center. Before working at Belmont Ms. Crisol worked for two years at the New York Center for Infants and Toddlers. She is currently attending the Minor to Masters Program at Lehman College. When not at Belmont Ms. Crisol enjoys spending time with her cat Minina and drawing. When asked why she loves to teach Ms. Crisol says "I love working with Younger Children and interacting with them."

Ms. Tiana has been working at Belmont for just over a year now. She recently graduated from college with a BA, and is currently working to pursue her Master's Degree. Ms. Tiana was first introduced to Belmont when interning here to finish her degree, and it was then discovered her love of working with children. "They are so curious and inquisitive and full of unique personalities and energy". When not working her hobbies include dancing and anything artistic. When asked about working at Belmont Ms. Tiana says, "I am blessed to work in such a diverse environment, with employees and children of all races and cultures, and we are constantly learning, teaching and growing together."


Mr. Nicholas DOran

Picture Coming Soon

Ms. Luz De La Cruz


Ms. Marcela Bravo

Mr. Nicholas has been working at Belmont for a number of years. He originally went to Hunter College to study Psychology but then decided to change his career path to study the Culinary Arts, for which he graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2011. Before coming to Belmont all of his experience was in the restaurant setting. When asked why he likes working in the childcare setting he said, "Working in the Childcare setting makes it more appreciated and important. Knowing that many of the meals I am making are providing a meal to each child every day."

Ms. Luz has worked at Belmont since 2013. She studied at La Milagrasa in Santo Domingo. Luz discovered Belmont when her son first attended here. When asked why she loves working at Belmont she said, "I've always been surrounded by kids and I enjoy their curiosity and I love helping them because kids need love and comprehension. At Belmont, I found a family and we are always helping each other. There is nothing better than working at a job where everybody loves and truly supports each other."

Ms. Marcela has been been working at Belmont for the past 11 years. She studied in Mexico. Ms. Marcela is a mother and enjoys cooking when she is not working. When asked about how she likes working here she stated, "My job is probably not working with kids directly but I enjoy seeing that everything is in order for the convenience. This goes for the animals that we have at the daycare as well."


Ms. Jaileen Ostrova
Family Worker

Ms. Jaileen has been at Belmont for two years. She attened Herbert H. Lehman High School and the school of Cooperative Technical Education. Ms. Jaileen enjoys participating in and watching sports as well as spending time with kids and family. When asked what she likes about working at Belmont she said, "I always loved kids and I've taken care of my cousins, so after getting experience at other jobs, I got the opportunity to work here, and fell in love with it. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new about the kids. They always make my day, it doesn't feel like a job."

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