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The PAC Executive Committee


Chairman: Keaun Davis

Vice-Chairman: Adele Galind

Treasurer: Aracely Varga

Secretary: Karina Miranda


    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)


Parental relationships and involvement are mutual objectives of the Belmont Community Day Care Center and its Parents. All parents are members of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and are encouraged to establish active communication with other parents. The PAC works closely with the Director and staff to establish training sessions, such as child health and development issues. We encourage parents to attend these meetings and seminars. The staff at the Belmont takes great care in arranging special educational events for the children throughout the year and the Parent’s association provides support in raising additional funds.

Parents Association Committee assist with the following fund raisers -Card Party, Chocolate, Calendars, Cook Books and Lord and Taylor, scholastic Books etc..  They have several food, clothing and toy drives throughout the school year.   The Penny Harvest is a new fundraiser we are working on this coming year!            


     Fund Raising                                               


Throughout the year the families of the Belmont are required to participate in several fund raising activities. All funds raised are used solely for instructional trips and educational activities. Fundraisers consist of candy drives, calendar sales, Book Fairs, etc .

Our Families are very important to the dynamics of our center.

Parents Get Involved

The Parents get Involved program enables parents to share their occupations, talents, and culture with all the children in the class.  Parents can share their occupations, read to the children, and engage in sharing cultural experiences through food, dress, pictures, etc.  Sign up will be with your child’s teacher. 


     Parent Trainings and Workshops


Each September a survey is handed out, and we request input from our families so we can have suggestions and feedback for classes, trainings and workshop that interest them. The Belmont offers parent workshops for art and cooking in the evening on a monthly basis offered by the Department of Health Eat Well Play Hard Program and Cornell University.   The Belmont works in collaboration with St. Barnabas Hospital, which supplies a number of trainings, educational workshops and free test throughout the year.  Studio in a school offers two art workshops for parents and children.  The Belmont Staff supplies a number of workshops and family events throughout the school year.


NYC “We Are New York” English Conversation Groups

The New York Community Leadership Project organizes conversation groups in New York City neighborhoods for adult immigrants to practice English.  Please come on in and Sign up today!


       Family Room


Our program has a new comfortable family room that is open to all our community and family members.   Internet access and computer resources are made available daily.   A variety of reading materials, covering an assortment of educational and current topics are made available.  Suggested materials for family outings, educational historical museum and sites are offered.   Family interviews are conducted in this space to give the teaching staff a better understand of the family and children we are servicing.    A Family interview will be conducted twice a year.  During these interviews your family will sit with our teaching staff and fill out a detailed questioner to get a better understanding of your parenting tactics and any assistance you may need.  Our staff are trained professionals and all material is confidential. 


·         Belmont Community Mission Statement and Goals on Family Interview process

·         Helps parents enjoy a lead role in guiding their children’s development

·         Adjusting their approach for a wide range of families

·         Work successfully with interpreters, translators, and special needs providers

·         Communicate in a warm, accepting, respectful and empathetic manner

·         Conduct effective assessment in the child’s natural environment

·         Implement evidence –based interventions that fit the child’s needs and help each unique family meet their goals

·         Work with children with specific disorders, such as autism, delayed speech, and language, and developmental delays

·         Skillfully manage legal ethical and personal safety concerns


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